Guidelines for Applicants

Guidelines for Overseas Scholarship for Endoscopic Medicine in the fiscal year 2017

- Article 4, Paragraph 5 - Articles of Incorporation

1. Targeted Applicants

This Overseas Scholarship for Endoscopic Medicine is established to allow young Japanese doctors researching endoscopic medicine (under 45 years old, in principle) to broaden their global view for the future medicine in Japan. They are financially supported when they as individuals or as a group make presentations at international congresses (excluding poster sessions).
Please notify the Foundation promptly if the applicant receives any grant from other organizations, so redundant support can be avoided. Application with the same subject may not be accepted if it was granted by any other organization or by the Foundation last fiscal year. There is no limitation in the number of research subjects in each society being applied for the grant unless they are submitted from the same department of the same hospital.


2. Recommendation by Academic Experts

To apply, recommendation by any one of the following is necessary:

If the facility accepting the foreign doctor is neither a university nor a college, the recommender should be the chief executive of the facility.

3. How to Apply

Applicants should fill out the form specified by the Foundation.
(Please forward a copy of the letter of acceptance issued by the congress.)

4. Grant

The grant amount varies according to the region where the applicant is dispatched.

Destination: Amount:
Taiwan/ South Korea/ China/ Southeast Asia: \100,000-
North America/ Oceania/ India/ Pakistan/ Middle East: \200,000-
Europe/ Russia/ South and Central Americas/ Africa: \300,000-

5. Closing Date for Application and Notification of the Results

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  Timing of Congress Closing Date for Application Notification of the Results
I April to July 2 months prior to the congress 1month prior to the congress
II August to November
III December to March

Please contact us for the closing date and the timing of the notification, as each congress may have their own guidance. The results will be notified to applicants.

6. Selection Method

Screening by the Selection Committee, followed by the approval by the Board Meeting of the Foundation

7. Issue of Grant

Grant will be deposited to the bank account specified by the applicant in April 2017 or later, according to the timing of their departure.

8. Use of Grant

Grant can be used for payment in presenting the research results such as flight fee, accommodation and presentation materials.

9. Reporting of the Research Results

Those who receive the grant will be required to submit the dedicated form of report promptly after the congress.

10. Contact / Submission

The Japanese Foundation for Research and Promotion of Endoscopy
Yamaha Building, 2-16-7, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan
TEL&FAX: 81-3-3375-3531

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